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Looking differently at the world, searching for real challenges and frustration. The only way to have im pact? Es tablis h your ow n com pany. That’s how Innovation Booster started in 2012. It was still unclear what would become of our business, but one thing was sure: show organisations a new, refreshing perspective of the world. Our main focus lay within the development of concepts with smart IT solutions. This is where we learned a lot!

A few years later, today, Innovation Booster has grown into an organisation that specializes in project execution and change management to support innovation. Why?

We want innovation and entrepreneurship to be accessible.

After all, 84% of all established organisations see innovation as the most important factor for growth and continuity. At the same time they mark innovation as a high risk undertaking and they stay where they are, while the world goes on without them. Innovation Booster tackles this problem by cooperating with organisations to create new businesses, but mostly ‘boost’ com panie s to have a m ore innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set.

To achieve this Innovation Booster created the ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation’ methodology; our philosophy that helps companies to excite and change. We don’t think in big projects with even bigger chances for failure, but believe in progressing with small steps and staying agile. No advice, but action!

So where does this lead to and what are the results? Previous projects show us the following: new, functional, achievable and scalable business, as well as improved internal (innovation) processes that generate insight in the customer needs. But most importantly: innovative entrepreneurship that we appropriately activate within the organisation of the clie nt.

Fresh Minds: Explore, Experiment, Execute, Excite.

Ir. Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern

Managing Director